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Our Goal our Mission & our Commitment


Hedgehog, sugar glider, sto, short-tailed opossum, duprasi, squirrel, mouse, mice, rats, rabbit, bunny, chinchilla, hamster, gerbil, rat, birds, guinea pig, degu, jird, dormouse, lemming, jerboa, prairie dog, chipmunk, ferret, skunk, agouti, belgian hare, english lop


Our Goal…

"To share our experiences, wisdom, and knowledge, hoping to help others to make an educated decision before purchasing a pet, by encouraging open and honest communication between all parties"

Our Commitments to our Animals…

  • Without exception, all of our pets will be cared for in the best possible manner.
  • They will be fed the best quality foods available and fresh clean water will be available at all times.
  • They will be housed in a safe, comfortable open-air cage that is warm and dry and kept clean and sanitary always.
  • No animal shall be denied access to veterinary care or medical attention.
  • All animals will receive one on one interaction and will be provided with new treats, food items, toys etc. that will stimulate their minds.
  • We will never acquire more animals then we can adequately care for or afford.

As much as we appreciate money, we will not overlook your own needs or the needs of the animal.

Selective breeding (The standards we set for ourselves)…

  • We shall ensure that all animals used in our breeding program will be in good health and free of any known hereditary defects.
  • We shall guarantee that each litter will be conscientiously planned and a veterinarian shall be on call in case of complications. .
  • We shall insure that male and female pairs will be selected with hopes of improving the characteristics of the breed.
  • We will do our best to safeguard against unplanned "accidental" matings and we will not breed any animal that is either too young or too old nor shall we inbreed brother to sister.
  • We shall not sell a pet under the age of 7 weeks. (except in the case an animal should be weaned before hand)
  • We shall keep and properly care for all offspring until such time that suitable homes are found.
  • We shall ensure that all animals used for breeding will be retired no later than 18 months of age.
  • We shall find suitable pet homes for every animal once it has been retired from breeding.

Our Commitments to our Customers…

We believe that our customers are those needing our assistance regarding specialty pets. They include those who have purchased animals from us, those who are thinking of purchasing animals from us, those who already have pets from elsewhere and those who just simply want to learn more about specialty pocket pets. "If you are reading this then I guess it means you."

Because we value integrity, we will be honest at all times and we encourage open dialog with everyone we speak with. We will not tell you something just because we feel that it is what you want to hear. The knowledge and the opinions we share with you are based on more than 25 years of hands on experience. Most people who contact us have already done a lot of research and they have given a lot of thought to purchasing a new pet. However, if we feel that you are not quite ready to purchase a pet from us or you can not provide the right home for one of our animals, we will tell you.

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