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Hedgehogs with other pets


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We are often asked if Hedgehogs get along with other animals.


Normally hedgehogs prefer to live a solitary existence and do not crave the companionship of other living creatures. They are not sociable animals. Other than the time they spend with other hedgehogs during mating time they do not enjoy the companionship of other hedgehogs.

However, they can learn and be conditioned to interact with their caregivers and seem to look forward to play time, feeding and treat time etc. but most pet hedgehogs do not seem to care about nor do they bond with other pets in the home.

If they are introduced together under safe conditions, hedgehogs quickly adjust to living in a home that has other pets in it and while they are not usually afraid of other animals they usually do not care about having the other pets around.

If you already have a dog or a cat at home and are thinking of adding a pet hedgehog to your family, it is important that you introduce them to each other, slowly. ALWAYS do so, in a safe and controlled environment.

As you can tell from the pictures below, our animals are used to other animals. (Birds, Cats and Dogs). Our baby hedgehogs are exposed to our other pets long before they are weaned. They usually do not seem to care if another species of animal is in the room.

NEVER leave pets together, unattended!

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