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We at heritage-pets.com are not a pet store. We are hobbyists / breeders who have been enjoying the hobby of raising unusual pocket pets since 1986. Since then we have been learning by exchanging ideas and sharing our experiences with other hobbyists, breeders and veterinarians and geneticists, zoological societies and other animal enthusiasts, from around the globe.

Occasionally we offer pets for sale but being that we are not a pet store we do not sell supplies! We have seriously given a lot of thought into offering supplies but after careful consideration we are not convinced that this would be the responsible thing to do. We want everyone to know that our animals are our priority, not sales! We believe that there needs to be an obvious distinction between a breeder who is 100% dedicated to the animals they raise and the pet store that is more focused on sales.

Like any reputable breeder, we will not sell any of our animals to just anyone. If you are interested in purchasing any pet from us, we will need to speak with you by phone so that we can have an open and honest discussion and learn more about one another.

Website: www.heritage-pets.com

Our website is designed to be an easy read for people of all ages. It is geared towards responsible pet ownership with very little technical information regarding reproduction, genetics, veterinary medicine or large scale breeding husbandry tips. Established breeders or anyone thinking about starting a breeding program is advised to contact us directly. If you are considering a specialist animal to keep as a pet, we ask everyone to read the information made available on our website before emailing us. Our website is full of helpful information that might help you decide if it is the right pet for you. After you have had the time to review our site, if you have any questions, don’ t hesitate to contact us.

Email: heritagepets@cogeco.ca

As much as we enjoy our hobby and sharing our knowledge and experiences with other hobbyists we ask that anyone emailing us to be patient. We receive email from people all over the world. On average, we receive 1 new email every 7 minutes, 24 hours per day. Like most people, our time is limited! As much as we appreciate your email, we have a family and other commitments that we need to attend to on a daily basis (we need to work so that we can continue to support our hobby).

We don’t schedule appointments, take deposits or commit to selling one of our pets to anyone unless we have talked to them first. Therefore if you are interested in purchasing a pet from us you will need to call us directly.


647-725-1111 in Mississauga, ON or 289-990-4738 (289-990-H-PET) in Niagara Falls, ON   Our phone lines are on 7 days a week- 9:00am –10:00pm E.S.T.



We will not reply to text messages. If your matter is urgent you probably need to speak with us directly anyway!

ADDRESS (Locations)

We have a home and work in Mississauaga but whenever possible we prefer to spend as much of our free time as possible at our home in beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario. We have intentionally not publicly posted our address on our website because we are not open to the public. Visits are always by appointment & invitation only. When we schedule a visit we will provide our mailing address along with directions to our home.

NOTE: do to the number of no shows, especially from people interested in hedgehogs, we have decided that this is far too disruptive to our animals and we will no longer be scheduling viewing of hedgehogs at our home in Mississauaga. (NO EXCEPTIONS) If you are interested in a hedgehog but don’t drive or if you prefer not to drive to Niagara Falls, delivery may be an option.

We may still be willing to accommodate other breeders who are interested in other types of animals that we raise providing that we already know the breeder personally.

When you are scheduling a visit to pick-up a hedgehog, if you would like to visit a couple of the tourist attractions in the Falls scenic area, feel free to let us know in advance, perhaps we may be able to arrange your visit for later in the day.  



Do to time constraints, we are not currently scheduling visits to our home in Mississauga  however we still welcome  visits to our home in beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario.  (Just under an hour from Mississauga)

If, after reviewing our website you still have questions that have not already been addressed on the site or if you would like to book a time to visit us at our home in Niagara Falls please call us instead of emailing us at 289-99h-pets (289-990-4738) in Niagara Falls or 647-725-1111 (9 AM-10PM EST) .

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