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Heritage Pets’

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All breeders, clubs, pet supply companies, or animal educators, (international or otherwise) are invited to have their link added to our site. Sorry but unless I know you personally or you come highly recommended, I will not list rescue sites…there are just way too many people who call themselves rescuers and unfortunately they are misrepresenting themselves.


Never give a pet to someone on a whim.  If you know or hear of an animal in need, try contacting a few breeders and get referrals!


If you would like to have your ‘PET RELATED’ site, linked to our site, please fill out the form and submit it to us.


        For sites in other than in Canada, you must be willing to ship to Canada.  If not, there is not much sense of linking your site.


        We usually update our links page twice a week


To add our link to links page please cut and paste the following.


"Heritage Pets” – At Heritage Pets we raise all of the animals that we offer for sale. (We are not a Pet Store) We are a small group of individuals who keep variety of pets and are able to offer a large selection of the more unusual pocket pets, birds and rabbits. We are located in Ontario, Canada and we do ship internationally.

Check out our site at

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