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Normally, we consider a hedgehog to be a teenager at approximate 4 months to around six months of age.

Animals featured on this page are sometimes baby hedgehogs that for some reason have not found a new home as quickly as their littermates did. Being that we like to see all our babies in new homes while they are very young, if they have not found homes quickly, we will feature them on this page, often at a reduced price.

Other times, if we want to use them in our breeding program we need to keep animals (even an entire litter) for a while, to see how well they develop. Once we make our choice and decide on which animals we are keeping, the remaining animals will be posted on this page.

Often many of the animals posted here, have the best traits and therefore if you are breeding, these are the animals I might suggest considering. This is the ideal age to purchase a hedgehog for breeding. Sometimes they are a bit more costly to purchase but being that they are a little more developed you be in a better position to decide if they have the traits that you want to include in your breeding program.

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