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Hedgehog, sugar glider, sto, short-tailed opossum, duprasi, squirrel, mouse, mice, rats, rabbit, bunny, chinchilla, hamster, gerbil, rat, birds, guinea pig, degu, jird, dormouse, lemming, jerboa, prairie dog, chipmunk, ferret, skunk, agouti, belgian hare, english lop


No we don’t register our Exotic Pets…

    • We understand that there are still quite a few people who believe that registering several species of exotic animals is necessary. Perhaps if they are doing so in order to justify a higher asking price for the animals they produce in a breeding program or to be considered a progressive breeder by fellow breeders. Although we consider ourselves dedicated and progressive, we also realize that a registration number or the piece of paper it is typed on, should not dictate the value of any pet. Many progressive people breed animals for different reasons. Not every person that breeds specific animals chooses to belong to or endorses the particular club or the club members who are responsible for registering their animals.

    • We feel that in some instances when clubs assign any pet a number or when they send out a numbered certificate, the club may be unintentionally sending the wrong message to people. They may in fact be contributing to irresponsible pet ownership. When people promote registering pet animals they are inadvertently making people think that because an animal is registered it is somehow worth more than an animal that is not registered. In many instances breeders go too far and over emphasis importance of registering animals, at times they even use registration papers as a tool to seduce unsuspecting buyers into purchasing a pet from them. Oddly enough because consumers want to trust all breeders they are often misguided and misled into believing that when an animal is registered, that they are in fact buying an animal from an ethical breeder; that registered animals are healthier or somehow better than an animal that is not registered. This is simply not the case. Just look at how many registered animals are produced and registered in Puppy/ Kitten mills around the world each and every year.

    • Nowadays there are clubs that will register just about any animal. Mixed breeds, cross breeds, hybrids or purebreds can all be registered. There are many clubs that specialize in just about any animal you can think of. Most clubs will for a small fee (seldom for free) register any animal. Some clubs will even offer to register animals that have no history or pedigrees, such as pet store animals, shelter animals or rescues. Unfortunately, unless DNA is used to verify the genetic makeup of a particular animal, the registration certificate is useless and it is nothing more than a number written/typed on a piece of paper. No registration will confirm that an animal has been raised in an environment that is warm, safe and caring. Registration papers do not confirm, validate or rate the experience or dedication of the breeder nor does it mean that an animal is healthy.

    • If you have ever called or emailed a club to ask about the history on a particular registered animal, likely your questions are left unanswered or result in dead end answers. This is because the breeder is the only person who is familiar enough with the animal's lineage and is most likely the only person knowledgeable enough to provide answers pertaining to genetic history, disposition, health concerns etc., of a particular animal. A conscientious breeder has nothing to hide and more often than not, will enjoy talking about their breeding efforts and the accomplishments they have achieved over the years.  

    • Until such time that it becomes more economical and feasible for animal registration associations to implement and enforce stricter registration guidelines: (our opinion, based on our own negative experiences registering any pet animal is somewhat useless)and until clubs require the use of more modern identification techniques such as DNA testing or microchipping we will not be registering or supplying pedigrees to anyone for any reason, with any of our animals we sell We don’t foresee these changes happening anytime in the near future. For now, all of our animals will continue to have names not numbers.

We are not active with nor endorse specific clubs!
We do not register or provide pedigrees with our exotic pets. !

We don't supply pedigrees with any animal we sell.
Pedigrees only provide very basic lineage info., which we breeders keep for our own records

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