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Payment Options


Hedgehog, sugar glider, sto, short-tailed opossum, duprasi, squirrel, mouse, mice, rats, rabbit, bunny, chinchilla, hamster, gerbil, rat, birds, guinea pig, degu, jird, dormouse, lemming, jerboa, prairie dog, chipmunk, ferret, skunk, agouti, belgian hare, english lop

Payment Options

Cash (We accept CDN or US currency)

We have several payment options to choose from if paying in advance but being that we are a private home, if you are picking up an animal at our home we only accept cash at the time of pick-up. We don't always have small bills to make change. We suggest that whenever possible that the purchasers bring the exact amount in cash.

Currency Conversion

We live very close to the Canadian / USA border. We have many American customers who come to our home to pick up pets and use USA currency to pay for their new pets. If you are choosing to pay in cash using USA currency, please be sure to ask us what the exchange rate is that we offer, prior to coming to our home.

Email Money Transfer

We accept and prefer payment via email money transfer (also called Internet or Online banking). It is probably the most convenient way to pay. Before sending any payment be sure to call us first to confirm availability and your total. Remember that you will need a security question and answer so we do need to speak with you before we can accept your electronic transfer. All E.M.T. transactions can be sent to our email address, which is
If you have access to online banking but are not familiar with how to make an email money transfer, just give us a call and we can guide you through the process. It is very simple!

Direct Deposit

Direct bank deposit is another option; however, it is by far the least convenient option for most people. If you prefer to go into a bank you will need to call ahead to obtain information to make a direct deposit into one of our bank accounts.

Credit Cards

We do not take credit cards at our home. If you would like to pay with a credit card in advance, you may be able to do so by choosing to pay with your Credit Card through PayPal. You may not even need a PAYPAL account!It is easy! Please refer to the website.


If you have a PayPal account, you can send the entire purchase price or if you prefer to you can just the deposit using PayPal. The PayPal transaction can be sent to our email address, which is If you are sending a deposit via PayPal and would also like to pay the balance using PayPal you will need to pay the balance due at least 24 hours prior to the actual pick-up date. Or, you can choose to pay the balance in full using cash at the time of pick-up.


A minimum non-refundable deposit of 25 % of the total purchase price is required to hold a pet. Once a deposit has been received will we hold a pet for a specific time (# of Days) that we have previously agreed upon. After we have received your deposit, the animal that you have chosen will not be on display for anyone else to handle. If the pet is not picked up on or before the date that we have agreed on, then the pet will be placed up for sale and the deposit you have sent will not be refunded.

Unless you have confirmed a purchase with us, NEVER send any deposit (money/payment) assuming that the pet that you are interested in is still available. CALL FIRST! It happens quite often that several people are interested in a particular animal, at the same time. We will only accept one deposit at a time! If we agree to hold an animal for you, we will set a time and wait until such time to receive your deposit. In the meantime, if someone else wants to send a deposit for the same animal we will not accept his or her deposit. If we do not receive your deposit by the time we have agreed upon, the next person waiting will be notified, their deposit will be excepted and the animal will be considered sold to them!


If you are from out of town and you feel uncomfortable prepaying or sending money over the Internet and if you cannot drop by in person then all we can do is to wish you the best of luck, finding the perfect pet.

No animal leaves our home without first being paid in full including all shipping or delivery charges! (please review our shipping and delivery page for more details)

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